ALERT: Vote on HR 5175 – the DISCLOSE Act – Coming Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010!

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At the end of last week we let you know how Congress is conspiring to tilt the playing field against grassroots organizations like Washington State Campaign for Liberty with the Establishment Protection Act, or HR 5175 – the DISCLOSE ACT as it’s officially named. 

We gained a small reprieve when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi pulled the bill off the agenda for a couple of days. You helped light up the switchboard on Capitol Hill and Congress fell back and consolidated their position.

Unfortunately, once Congress figured that they outlasted our attention spans, they brought the bill right back around for consideration and are preparing to vote on Wednesday, June 23rd.

Please call the switchboard at 202-224-3121 to give your Washington State Congressman a piece of your mind!

Why is the Establishment Protection Act so dangerous?

  • It places restrictions on political free speech for some, and not for others.
  • It forces groups to disclose private membership rosters and donor lists.
  • It seeks to effectively overturn the Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling.
  • The National Rifle Association fought this bill tooth and nail, until they were exempted.
  • Some media is exempted – TV news, newspapers – but bloggers would be subject to the new restrictions under this law.
  • Allegations that the Supreme Court ruling opened up the way for foreign interests to spend big bucks on ads is a red herring, it’s already prohibited by other laws.

It’s the same old story, use the force of government to kill competition and create a monopoly for yourself.

Did you know that four of our very own Washington State Representatives are co-sponsors of this bill?

Click here to learn more about the bill and sign the online petition. Again, we urge you to contact your Washington State Congressmen. Don’t let this assault on your liberty happen unopposed!

Mukilteo City Council Flip Flops, Reverses Vote Authorizing Traffic Cameras

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As a wise man once said, “When you hold a politician’s feet to the fire, they start to see the light!”

We’re pleased to report that the Mukilteo City Council is starting to see the light. As many of you know, Mukilteo resident Tim Eyman approached Washington State Campaign for Liberty and, asking for help in keeping red light trafffic cameras, more aptly named Automated Ticketing Machines, off the streets of Mukilteo. We went to work collecting signatures for Mukilteo Initiative 2, Let the Voters Decide on Red Light Cameras.

Can I get a shout out to all our hardworking volunteers? They deserve our hearty thanks!

The evidence sends a clear message. First, we reported that a mere two weeks after the petition was filed, we had the signatures we needed. After the municipality threw out a batch of our signatures, we hit the streets again and are busy collecting another huge stack of petitions. If you recall, the last time Automated Ticketing Machines went before the council, they voted to give the Mayor the authority to sign a contact with a red light traffic camera company. Of course, in an underhanded move, they waited until Council Member Kevin Stoltz, a known opponent of the traffic camera scheme, was out of town before they took a vote. Yesterday, June 21st, the City Council decided to revisit the issue. What happened? They have reconsidered. It turns out that, after thinking about their behavior, the City Council decided that maybe they acted a little to hastily. In an unanimous vote, the Mukilteo City Council rescinded their prior decision, removing the permission for Mayor Joe Marine to sign the deal to install those cameras. What’s the moral of this story? We must continue holding our politicians accountable! You see, the Mukilteo City Council thought they could get away with a little bit of funny business when no one was looking. Now they know we’re watching. What’s even better? This issue is being monitored by the media. That means now, politicians in other cities know we’re watching them too.

Here’s what the media is saying about Automated Ticketing Machines in Washington State:

Our Work Isn’t Over Yet!

We can’t afford to let up! Mukilteo City Council has repented of their bad behavior…for now. But there’s no guarantee that they won’t try this again in the future. We plan to make sure they can’t…by letting the voters decide. Join us! Please become a member of Washington State Campaign for Liberty or join our email list (see the sign up form in the column to the right), and invite your friends!

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-20

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Oppose DISCLOSE: Action Alert on HR 5175

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Liberty Warriors –

Have you heard about the latest attack on our free speech and political liberty – the “Democracy is Strengthened by Casting Light on Spending in Elections Act” or the DISCLOSE Act?

It sounds harmless, right? Think again. A better name would be the the Establishment Protection Act! HR 5175 is written to ensure freedom groups cannot rally their members by forcing them to publicly disclose their membership rosters and donor lists. It’s another weapon the power brokers will use to defend against the real engines of liberty, grass roots activists like you and me.

Click here to learn more about the bill and sign the online petition. But don’t stop there – it’s imperative that we get the word out to other freedom loving citizens in Washington State. Send the online petition on to your friends, family and neighbors so we can send a loud message to our Washington State Representatives – Washington State citizens don’t want more intrusive government regulations!

We must use our collective strength to put pressure on our legislators, but don’t let your individual voice go unheard. We urge you to contact your Washington State House Representative to give them a piece of your mind.

Keep up the fight!

Alex Rion
Executive Director
Washington State Campaign for Liberty

Ron Paul Endorses Washington State Candidate

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Justice Richard Sanders Wins Ron Paul’s Endorsement

Justice Richard B. Sanders is a sitting Washington State Supreme Court justice, and a friend of Liberty.

Court records and prolific published opinions show that Justice Sanders is a defender of our constitutionally-protected freedoms. His performance during his time on the bench recently earned him the endorsement of another Champion of the Constitution, Congressman Ron Paul.

Won’t you contact Justice Sanders, and thank him for his pro-liberty record?

About Justice Richard Sanders

* Endorsed by Congressman Ron Paul
* Citizens Alliance for Property Rights gives Justice Sanders its highest rating – “Excellent”
* Adjunct Professor: UW School of Law, appellate advocacy
* Guest Lecturer: Seattle University, state constitutional law
* Guest Speaker: Institute for Justice, Cato Institute, Goldwater Institute
* 26 years of law practice

Washington State Campaign for Liberty is a 501(c)4 lobbying organization
which neither supports nor opposes candidates for public office.

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-13

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